Payroll FAQs

Payroll FAQs

1) When and how do I report payroll?

Most of our customers enjoy the advantages of Remote Entry with our Evolution payroll software. We also offer fax or phone service. Your Payroll Integration Specialist will assign your reporting schedule based on your pay calendar and our banking requirements.

2) Which funds are debited from my account to cover payroll, and when?

You may see up to five separate debits to your account each pay period to cover items such as Direct Deposit, MinuteChecks®, Billing, Tax and Workers' Compensation premium. Our bank requires that we collect these funds at least two days in advance of your check date (for example if your check date is Friday, payroll should be reported no later than 12pm Eastern on the preceding Tuesday and funds will be debited on Wednesday). We have the ability to automatically email your payroll funding requirements (Cover Letter report) as your payroll is confirmed each period.

3) Whom do I call with questions about payroll?

Your assigned Client Payroll Representative is your Single Point of Contact for all software, payroll and tax questions. Our payroll specialists work directly with the professionals in our Tax department to ensure that any issues you might have are quickly investigated and resolved.

4) How do I report employee maintenance such as new hires?

If you are not a Remote Entry client, please fax or email the Employee Master Form (PDF) to your Payroll Representative as you report payroll. We can only accept changes and field requests from those who are authorized by your company in writing. We also are required to maintain copies of all Direct Deposit Forms.

5) Do I need to provide W-2 forms at year-end for the months prior to starting with Minute Men HR?

No. Your Client Integration Representative will transfer your year-to-date balances so that the W-2's prepared by us reflect all current year payroll earnings and taxes.

6) What happens when an employee's direct deposit is rejected?

These funds are returned to Minute Men HR. We redeposit the funds back to your company account so that you can make arrangements to pay your employee this amount. Often it will take a couple of banking days after your check date before Minute Men HR receives these returns.

7) How do I know that my tax deposits are being made in a timely manner?

When you entrust your payroll taxes to be collected and deposited by Minute Men HR, you can rest assured we take our Reporting Agent fiduciary responsibility seriously. With full transparency we encourage all clients to verify deposits on their own. Per Revenue Procedure 2012-32, we are required to provide notice to you that (a) by using a payroll service you still maintain the responsibility to timely file the returns listed on the Form 8655, Reporting Agent Authorization, to make federal tax deposits (FTDs) and federal tax payments (FTPs), (b) that authorizing a Reporting Agent to perform any of these obligations does not relieve the client from any liabilities resulting from the Reporting Agent's failure to perform these obligations, (c) we recommend that the taxpayer enroll in and use the EFTPS to ascertain whether Minute Men HR has, on a timely basis, made all required FTDs and FTPs, and (d) we advise that state-level tax verification can be accessed on state sites such as the Ohio Business Gateway.

8) How do banking holidays affect my pay calendar?

When a banking holiday falls on or around your check date, you may need to report payroll a day earlier than usual, since all banking transactions are suspended on banking holidays. For example, if your check dates are Friday, and Wednesday is a bank holiday, you would need to report your payroll no later than Monday to meet our requirement of collecting funds two banking days prior to the payroll check date. In this scenario you should expect funds to be pulled from your company's account on Tuesday.

The current banking holidays are:

01/01/2022 New Year’s Day
01/17/2022 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
02/21/2022 Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day
05/30/2022 Memorial Day
06/20/2022 Juneteenth National Independence Day (observed)
07/04/2022 Independence Day
09/05/2022 Labor Day
10/10/2022 Columbus Day
11/11/2022 Veterans Day
11/24/2022 Thanksgiving Day
12/26/2022 Christmas Day (observed)
01/02/2023 New Year’s Day (observed)

Banking Holidays are posted on the Federal Reserve website.

Days our Service Bureau will be closed:

01/01/2022 New Year’s Day
04/15/2022 Open 8:30 am – 12:00 pm EST
05/30/2022 Memorial Day
07/04/2022 Independence Day
09/05/2022 Labor Day
11/24/2022 Thanksgiving
11/25/2022 Open 8:30 am – 12:00 pm EST
12/26/2022 Christmas (observed)
01/02/2023 New Year’s (observed)